Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Grand Rounds at my hospital

Public speaker and activist, Mason Dunn, has been educating about gender
diversity and sexual orientation since 2005...

An  introduction  to  various identities within the gay, lesbian, bisexual,
trans, intersexed and questioning (LGBTIQ) community. The presentation will
cover terms, definitions, and ways to better serve this community...

etc, etc.

LGBTIQ.  Hard to pronounce.


karrde said...

I'm more accustomed to the Ell-Gee-Bee-Tee version. Which led to a funny moment.

About two months ago, I drove through an area which had "L____ County Bank and Trust" along the main road. It's in a small town which is also county-seat in a mostly-rural area.

I did a double-take at the large sign with the letters LCBT on it...

On another front, if it is your opinion that the individual decisions by a member of that community is harmful to their help, will Dunn's presentation give any aid in treatment?

If not, why have the presentation?

Texan99 said...

LGBTIQ . . . AJPCIG. "And just plain confused in general."

There was some news out of California in the last day or two about opening up girls' and boys' sports team on the basis of whatever gender the participant most identified with. That's going to get entertaining fast.

Roy Lofquist said...

This has caused me a bit of confusion. For the longest time I thought they were talking about California fusion cuisine - a BLT with guacamole.

Texan99 said...

My husband and I discussed this all during our errands this morning. We can't figure out what "intersexed" is, though we agreed it needed more research, which we'll conduct later.

And what about the celibate/eunuch community?

Assistant Village Idiot said...

"That's going to get entertaining fast." Heh. Well put. And as for the celibate community, they are going to have to fight for space in that configuration, as they will be under constant suspicion of being religious. And not the right kind of religious.

I intend no faciety whatsoever when I inform karrde that such considerations are secondary. To one subgroup, affirming that your LGBTIQ-ness is good is the main point. To professionals, even those who are L or G (I don't know any self-identified B's, I's, or Q's, and the T I know is a deeply pathological advocate rather than treatment-focused), treatment comes first, though no one is allowed to say that out loud. Except gays and lesbians over 55, who will say anything they damn please, and are quite refreshing on the topic, actually. Not that anyone would say that treatment doesn't come first - Asgard forfend - but to even bring it up marks you as one of the people in need of re-education.

And you have to get CEU's about diversity and cultural competencies to get recertified, so even the people who hate this, love it, if you catch my drift. Otherwise they would have to go somewhere else for even worse conferences.

I'll add a further post about this soon.

Dubbahdee said...