Monday, January 09, 2012


Retriever is considering going to Guatemala.  Ben went to Guatemala years ago, and we used to support missionaries there (who are now elsewhere).

As to the missed tourism that the relatives are complaining about, I saw more interesting things in Romania as a short-term missionary than I did as a tourist.  CS Lewis's doctrine of First and Second Things, perhaps.  Some things are never achievable by direct action, but only come as byproducts


Retriever said...

Seek ye first...etc. Thanks, AVI, for the timely reminder. The agnostic eldest pup and her dad sank their sharp verbal teeth and claws into me after work with the usual "they'd rather get your money than a visit/people will fake faith to get money, etc." stuff. The linked post was useful because it wasn't as high faluting as the Scripture verse.

Texan99 said...

Oh, good grief. We should worry that the Guatemalans will fake faith for your benefit? The purpose of a missionary trip surely would be for you to witness your faith to them, not for them to prove the purity of their existing faith to you! People who aren't interested in faith have the strangest ideas about how you should act yours out. For one thing, they always seem to assume that the only real help you can give people is monetary, and everything else is window-dressing.

Re AVI's point: I've never done any missionary travel, but it does seem to me that any trip that gets you inside people's houses will be vastly more interesting than one stuffed with all the best cathedrals and museums, wonderful as the latter are.

Retriever said...

Hi, Texan99, preach it! My sentiments exactly.
I had to take the blog down for a day or two because the agnostic ones were cross at being so's funny how it's open season on Christians but mention an atheist or agnostic' s views negatively and one becomes an Ogress!

I'm a better witness to others than my own famIly. Witnessing to my fame, one feels as if one were I the arena with especially fierce lions.

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