Wednesday, March 02, 2011


"(Cause) is really important to me and it breaks my heart to hear of upsetting things that go on throughout the world… I want so badly to be able to do something major and change the world for the better, and when I participate in huge marches like the one in DC, I feel like I'm actually doing something and part of something larger than what I can do on my own.”

Male or female?

Young, middle, or old?

Liberal or conservative?


Kitten said...

I guess female liberal but no idea on age.

lelia said...

I'm guessing female liberal middle. The quotation saddens me. Why can't she find a real way to "make a difference"?

Dubbahdee said...

I feel like the question is a setup. I suspect a trap. ;-)

Still, I'll bite.

Young - early to late 20's.
Probably self-identified as liberal.

A conservative woman might sound more like this:

(cause) is so important because people need to wake up, get to work and make the hard choices. I just want people to stop fooling themselves and realize that it's time for people to take responsibility for their own future. I'm just doing my part to get the word out -- although the mainstream media probably won't pay any attention to us.

Daran said...

Emphasis on 'doing' points to male. Desire to change the world by marching in DC (government) points to liberal. Let's hope he is still young, so there is time for him to grow up.

Uncle Bill said...

I'm guessing young, liberal female. Will you post the real answer?

karrde said...

(1) Yes, one of the two.

(2) Yes. Again, one of the three.

(3) Finally, yes.

What, do you want more specific answers?

My instincts say (1) female, (2) young/middle, (3) liberal. But I suspect that I'm wrong on at least one of the points.

Sam L. said...

Sounds to me like young, liberal, and male and female. More likely female, since the guys go to meet chicks.

Assistant Village Idiot said...

Young, female, liberal. I ran across the quote from the young lady (who is now at Barnard, I believe) and thought "oh that is so stereotypical a comment from that group.

But then I wondered if I only thought that because I knew that she was young, female, and liberal (the Cause was "Peace") before I read it. I wondered if people not possessed of that information would find it obvious or whether my impression was prisoner to my expectations. So I tried it out.

I had completely overlooked the angle of young males trying to impress females by making the proper tribal comments, BTW, and that young people who talk like this may or may not change over the years.

dilys said...

Young liberal female seemed evident, unless it was a trick question. I meet a lot of these in Austin who "angst" over whether a non-profit is anti-corporate enough to justify considering, just considering, working for them. Women used to be desperate to find a "creative" outlet [see Woody Allen's Interiors]; now it's to "contribute" to "saving the world" (which seldom envisages being a person of character, producing and raising happy, wise children).

As to the young men using these sentiments, I saw an early-20's couple in the local new age bookstore. He was giving her a guided tour to the Esoterica and Living Teachers section, and the building eros in her eyes was palpable. I had to leave abruptly lest I yield to the temptation to mouth in her direction: "Run! Run like the wind!"

Assistant Village Idiot said...

dilys - best laugh of the day. Thanks.