Saturday, March 26, 2011

Blog Name

When I took the title Assistant Village Idiot, I expected some joking about it. I expected the jokes to range from a good-hearted teasing, perhaps delivered with some subtlety, to the entirely obvious, with critics thinking they had somehow stumbled on a joke no one had thought of before. Ha! You just got promoted to Complete Village Idiot. Yeah, you can take that Assistant off your name now.

In fact, it has all been on the one track. Everyone who has mentioned it, here or on other sites, has rapidly revealed themselves as a total jerk. The only explanation I can think of is that the joke is so obvious that people with social skills know there is no point in mentioning it (unless perhaps they have something they have significant confidence is new).

I suppose this is not all that surprising. Some social skills are rather artificial, and displaying them or not displaying them may only reveal what one's family education has been. But most social skills are a function of inner realities of being able to listen to contrary POV's, regard other humans with respect, and hear one's own words as an observer, with some objectivity. That those who simply cannot refrain from an incredibly obvious comment telegraph something about themselves.


Sam L. said...

It taketh a while until one learneth HOW and WHEN, one's tongue to hold.

Oh snark, where is thy sting?

Assistant Village Idiot said...

I wasn't going to comment, but the word verification is "bless," so I think I'd better be alert for something around here.

karrde said...

Well, every village idiot needs someone to help him understands what all the quick-witted folks are talking about.

An assistant, of a kind.

And that assistant may have a better understanding of the quick-witted than they do themselves.

That's a challenging position to take up.