Monday, March 28, 2011

Memphis Grizzlies

One roots for teams for odd reasons. I have kept an eye on Memphis because I want former Celtic Tony Allen to do well (and he is) and because Mike Conley's father was a triple-jumper and a favorite of mine. I followed the T&F B-List of Steeplechase, Hurdles, and jumping events from about 1964-94 and still have a soft spot for those guys, whose events are just as hard, but just out of the spotlight.

I was hoping from the start that Allen would ease out the better-known OJ Mayo, who has a large jerk factor, and that seems to be what's happening.


MaxedOutMama said...

Two comments on a very interesting post.

Education as a general basis for assessing at least where information can be found I think is a wonderful thing. A lot of stuff I studied that I wasn't going to be using in a career has proven to be very useful to me, such as chemistry and biology. It certainly helps screen out possibly ridiculous statements or at least know how to check them.

But otherwise, I agree with you. A "higher" education system that pushes a culture of close-mindedness is probably about as lethal as Shariah to a healthy society.

I deliberately chose not to go to an Ivy League school because the problem was becoming evident then. I just didn't want to take the chance of becoming that type of person. You are not the first medical professional (by definition, a highly educated demographic group) I have recently heard making this type of observation. It strikes me as terribly sad.

Wyman said...

"Figuring out where to click fail" from MaxedOutMama.

Interesting Tony Allen rumor I heard: One of the major reasons for the Perk trade was that the Celts couldn't find a way to replace the Tony Allen spot that we really needed to. We had Marquis Daniels for it, and he was playing well. But then he got badly hurt, and we needed someone for that spot.

The odds-on favorite for who that would've been? Tony Allen. Ainge was gonna offer Nate and Avery Bradley for Allen, and it probably would've happened. And then, Rudy Gay got hurt. Dammit.