Sunday, March 13, 2011

Bracket Is Up

Here's my bracket. Because of matchups, some of my surprise teams (up or down) don't really show up.

Belmont over Wisconsin killed me, but I went with the numbers and picked Belmont, even though I think the numbers are anomalous.

Reconsideration: That whole region troubles me. By the numbers I had BYU #8 overall but I kept pushing them down because of Davies' suspension. I had Belmont #7 and Pitt #9 - the former unexpectedly high, the latter much lower than most folks have them. So I chickened out and shaded both of those a few places. But I barely have the courage to keep Belmont at #11 (Wisconsin I have at #12). I could do half a dozen brackets with those variations, I suppose.

By the numbers, I have Belmont beating Wisconsin, Utah State, Pittsburgh, and BYU and going to the Final Four. Yet I am not convinced they could beat any of those teams, never mind all of them. The Southeast region is the weakest by far - or, if you prefer, the most equally competitive.

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Wyman said...

Other people's brackets don't show up until after the second round of the tournament has finished. So if you want to link to your bracket, you'll have to link to a picture of it.