Sunday, March 20, 2011

Best of September 2007

Lewis's Influence On Tolkien. No Lewis, no LOTR. Also, how prophetic was The Abolition Of Man.

Two essays on the politics of EB White, not easily categorised today. I've got him as a Green Neocon Libertarian One-Worlder. Gringo corrects one of my claims in the comments.

How cognitive biases play out these days, plus some discussion one one in particular, Rational Ignorance. A commenter unwittingly reinforces a negative stereotype about himself.

I did a takeoff on Little Boxes, turning it back on its creators, which generated some heat in the comments.

A note on adopting older children. I don't know as I'm a great parent, but I've done a lot of it.

A history quiz in which my readers did better - much better - than college instructors on average.

Government Artists

How We Screwed Up Worship Singing. I don't know if this was avoidable; I don't know if it can now be changed. I suspect the church is going to have to make some permanent adaptation.

A bit of irony now.

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