Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Manchester Tea Party

Mixed review. There were some great signs: Stop the Drunken Sailors; Give Me Liberty, Not Debt. Some dumb signs, also, but I liked the homemade freshness in general. Not everyone is witty, even when they try, but they've got the right to speak, and it was a charming display of just regular folks trying to have their say.

The first speaker was a pastor who gave an invocation and then launched into a sermon about the Christian founding of America, which irritated me on two counts. First, he only gave one side of the story, which always puts me on guard. Second, he rather wandered from his point - if there was one to begin with. It was a collection of disconnected scripture verses and historical facts. That was when I left - I had seen the signs and talked to some people.

What nice people. Even the ones whose signs suggested they might be a bit intense were pleasant, even giddy. I don't think most of them had been to many protests in their lives. There were some clearly anti-Democrat signs, but few pro-Republican ones. While Pelosi, Reid, and Obama drew most of the ire, there was a good deal of general anti-congressional sentiment as well.

People shouldn't bring their dogs to crowds, folks. I know that poochie is very special, and you'll get to show everyone there how special you are too for owning such a wonderful dog, but there are other dogs there. And children. Not a good mix.

Try to stay focused. It has been a mark of leftish protests that whatever the occasion, people trot out their favorite environmental, pro-marijuana, anti-war, anti-globalist, anti-religious complaints. I know the defense of marriage people feel strongly about their cause, and are likely to find a sympathetic ear with many at a Tea Party, but really, it's not your stage. Get your own rally. The term limits people - I can see enough connection that they're okay...10th Amendment, a little obscure, but fine.

A jolly atmosphere, with even the angry people smiling at a change to share their outrage with others and have them listen.

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