Monday, April 20, 2009

Ian Kinsler

Texas second-baseman Ian Kinsler's stats are not a fluke, BTW. This is his breakout year. Any slight injury might postpone that becoming visible to next year, but he is the real deal.

Speaking of non-flukes, the National League races are close to over already. Really. One team may drop (St. Louis?), 1-2 teams may rise (Philly?), but what you see today is very close to what you will see in October.


Anonymous said...

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GraniteDad said...

Runescape! Hilarious. Ask Kyle about how lame Runescape is.

@nooil4pacifists said...

I agree he's an offensive beast, but Kinsler's been injured each of his first three seasons, and his defense last year turned awful.

Ben Wyman said...
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Ben Wyman said...

I agree with Carl, his numbers always decline. But that's not the real issue with this post. The NL races are over already?

Florida is first in the NL East, the Phillies are third and the Mets are fourth. It's ridiculous to think that's not going to change. Plus, Pittsburgh is the Wild Card. The Mets and Philly will resurrect themselves, Chicago will rally, and things will shake themselves out just as we thought they would.

I mean, do you think that Toronto is going to win the AL East? Kansas City is tops in the AL Central. Nothing is decided yet.