Friday, April 24, 2009

Authentic Retro Potato Heads

These are built from a pre-1955 Mr. Potato Head set. As it came out in 1952 and the box is identical to this one, perhaps my friend Denise has an original set. The younger group had fun with this tonight.


akafred said...

Is this really just innocent play time or is this teaching young kids to practice torture on these unfortunate Spud People? I under stand that Eric Holder is considering establishing a Special Commission to investigate why the Eisenhower Administration allowed such devices to be manufactured and then unleashed onto the Ozzie & Harriet Nation.

terri said...

I never realized that the first Mr Potato Head set was supposed to be used on actual potatoes!

Interesting as an indicator of 1950's prosperity though.....I mean what else could it mean to use food as a toy?

Cleaning potato juice out of all the pieces was probably a pain.