Saturday, May 24, 2008

Too Good

Mythusmage, commenting on Major Tammes' injury at Miserable Donuts, is perhaps not quite sympathetic about the broken finger, even though it was incurred in Iraq.

A hurt finger. Oh you poor child. How you do suffer for your country.

Try hurting your foot and see what you say then. Typing with a bad finger aint nothing compared to hobbling around on a cane. I swear, you kids are spoiled these days.

Why, when I was a youngin' we had to do our own amputations, hand deliver nukes, and pass the driving test while the Iowa did landscaping with those 16 inchers somewhere in a 50 yard radius of our car. When we took on the Italian Fascists in Tashkent during the Quasi War they hadn't invented limbs yet. Had to wield our weapons with tongue and pecker. And you're bitching about a dinged digit.

What a wuss.

You sure you're not a Harvard freshman?


Cappy said...

How can donuts be miserable?

LTC John said...

"The Donut of Misery" is a ring graph on Excel that counts down your time on deployment (there is an example of one set at the top of the blog). When I founded the blog, there were three of us who had been together in Afghanistan for a year, and we all ran a Miserable Donut to track our time remaining in country...

Assistant Village Idiot said...

Thank you major. I suspected it was something to do with time served, but didn't connect it to the graph. It seems obvious now.