Tuesday, May 06, 2008


New York Magazine's Kurt Andersen, in an article about how much he supports Obama:
Contrary to the vast-left-wing-conspiracy visions of the right, much of the press never really loved the Clintons - they just feared and loathed their enemies more.
Well, it's nice to see what conservatives insisted then finally being admitted. Interesting that what could not be acknowledged in the 90's is now framed as you-never-knew-you-poor-fools. The ability of journalists to rewrite history - not for calculating political reasons but for pathetic personal ones - continues unimpeded.

That is a continuing mistake conservatives make in their evaluation of progressives, I suspect. What the fire-breathers of the Right suspect are intentional attempts to skew the information delivered to the people are more often merely evasions of painful realities.


Anonymous said...

The prototypical journalist, for reasons which are at least in part obscure, is a person of the (far) left. Of course they love Obama. Not only do they find in his candidacy a ratification of their far-left thoughts, but they also get to think of those who disagree as racists.

Count Grecula said...

I also think the media didn't like the Clintons because they weren't liberal enough. God help us if we end up with a Democratic congress and Obama.

Anonymous said...

The pundits' rush to pronounce the death of Clinton's presidential aspirations — it started the day after the Iowa caucuses — may be explained, in part, because they can't stand her and can't stomach the thought of the Clintons back in the White House again.

But I think there's more to it than that. The comrades populating the Mainstream Media branch of the Democratic Establishment will get a double-dip of self-righteous, sanctimonious satisfaction in the general election. They will, secretly, be patting themselves on the back for having voted for the "African-American" candidate; and, not so secretly, they will be despising the great unwashed masses for putting the white candidate into office.