Friday, May 02, 2008

Oh, That Liberal Media

The AP carries a story about a blogger criticising Al Franken. The lead paragraph:
EAGAN, Minn. - Senate candidate Al Franken wants to talk about jobs, health care and global warming. Republican blogger Michael Brodkorb wants to talk about Franken's failure to pay all his income taxes on time.
No, Brodkorb wants to talk about Al Franken's failure to pay his income taxes until a court made him. That paragraph would be the expected spin coming out of the Franken campaign - we expect spin like that from the candidate himself. Not from the AP.

Next, we have the LATimes commenting on the Boston Globe's criticism of Hillary Clinton. The money quote:
"If Clinton ends up the Democratic nominee, will the leading journalistic voice in one of the nation's most liberal states endorse Republican John McCain?"
Wait, wait - I thought the Boston Globe was an example of unbiased reporting of the news, like the LATimes itself! You mean the Times thinks the Globe has a slant?

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