Saturday, May 31, 2008

Just Checking

Commenter Larry (see the penultimate Minimum Wage comment) has been having a blogspot/spam problem of some sort. My reply:
Whoa, Larry. I thought my email was posted on my profile. I went back and fixed that. Thanks.

You're talking over my head on the spamming from a blogspot site. I haven't had that problem. It's not something that's happening intentionally from here. If it's one of those unintentional things where someone makes my site unsafe I'll get on it.
Anyone having a similar problem?


terri said...

hmm..I have no problems with linking to your site and having spam.

Maybe larry doesn't use the captcha program for his blog's comments to help siphon off some of the spam?

When I first started blogging I had that problem.

Also, I am a little confused by his use of the term "blogspot" vs. "blogger".

Either way, I'm sure you have nothing to worry about. It seems likely that his spam problems are unrealted to you or your site.

terri said...


Larry Sheldon said...

Further investigation into the spamming incident I mentioned discloses that Blogspot (Google) was not directly (if at all) to blame.

The spam I got was sent to a blog. I had signed up for "comments" some time ago (and had forgotten about it), so the spam was forwarded to me.

My apologies.

Larry Sheldon said...

Re: "blogspot" vs "blogger".

Apparently Google/gmail/googlemail/blogspot/blogger (and I don't know what else) are all "brands" of Google.

The apparent source of the spam was a blogspot blog--hence my use of the term.

I really hve little notion of the internals if blog sausage making.

And for terri, I am not a blogger, I am a lurker/commenter.

Assistant Village Idiot said...

Glad to have you back, then.

Larry Sheldon said...

When the problem arose, I was relatively well rested and alert and thoroughly checked it out and reached a conclusion.

Another day, in a conversation with another blogger ("Pillage Idiot" as it turns out) I looked into it.

This time I was tired, out-of-sorts, sleepy, etc, etc, etc.

This time I figured out (accurately, I think) what actually happened.

Too many years as an "admin" to work when rested, I guess.

terri said...

Re: being a commenter, not a blogger.

Ah...that makes more sense when I read your comment. I had assumed you meant spam on your blog, not in your e-mail.

Once your e-mail hits any publicly accessible page it's all over, spamwise.

Nice little spambots pick it up and won't ever stop hounding you....which might be a caution to putting your e-mail on your profile page, AVI.