Saturday, May 10, 2008



Ben Wyman said...

Seems about right.

By the way, CNN has announced that running for the Democratic ticket and losing is deeply unpatriotic.

terri said...

uh....I feel really dumb.

explanation, please?

Or would explaining it kill the joke?

terri said...

so..potatoe makes me think of Dan Quayle correcting the school child's correct spelling of potato.

There are 50 stars on the right side of the pin..the correct amount. The seven to the left represent?....what exactly?

We have 14 territories..not 7.

The symbol of the flag lapel pin is much referenced in the Obama political landscape.

Yet....I still don't get it.

help me put it together...i can't stop coming up with obtuse meanings.

Assistant Village Idiot said...

Potatoe was the spelling bee word that Dan Quayle misspelled and is still used as an example of how dumb he is twenty years later. Spelling doesn't have a lot of correlation with general intelligence, BTW.

In contrast, Obama recently claimed there were 57 states - after thinking about it.

I doubt that either means very much, but the way the incidents were treated is illuminating.

Anonymous said...

It's actually worse than that - the card that Dan was reading from was mis-spelled (potatoe). In other words, I believe that it was a set-up.

Anonymous said...

with the Nat'l Guard relevation, Dan couldn't gain public confidence no matter what. So even if an unwitting victim of such didn't really do any further damage, I think, but perhaps removed all doubt for the few still on the fence on his being a good VP (as in "one hearbeat away ..."). With the perfect hair he would've made a great Ken for a Barbie movie though ;)

terri said...

ah...I get it.

I hadn't heard the 57 states thing about Obama.