Wednesday, November 02, 2022

No Milk Today

When I went down the rabbit hole with Herman's Hermits for the polygamy post, I skipped right past this one, which I had never much liked. Only a week later did it occur to me that the meaning of this is now distant for anyone more than a few years younger than me. We did not have milk delivered at our house - we were too modern - but my grandmother did, and my older brother spent a summer as a milkman in 1967.  You could get homogenized or pasteurized, the latter of which was preferred for those who wanted cream for their coffee.


G. Poulin said...

Reminds me of a joke we used to tell as kids : Woman leans out of window and calls to the milkman "You-hoo! I need a lot of milk so I can take a milk bath". The milkman says "Pasteurized?" The woman says "No, only up to my neck !"

Grim said...

That, in return, reminds me of a joke that Jerry Clower used to tell about baptism.

I was about to type it all out, but then I remembered that thanks to the magic of the internet you can just hear him tell it yourselves. He tells it far better than I would.

G. Poulin said...

So I guess the lady in my joke must not have been a Deep Milk Baptist.