Thursday, November 03, 2022


 Our wrongness doesn't come from where we are told it does. 

 Despite all these attractions, the misinformation panic is largely misguided. Contrary to widespread beliefs, the share of misinformation in most people’s information diet is minimal, conspiracy theorising does not seem to have increased in recent years, and those who consume high rates of misinformation are largely hyper-partisans or dogmatists anyway. Moreover, even when people’s misinformed beliefs are corrected, this often seems to have little effect on their behaviour.

Sorry to burst your bubble, WaPo, universities, etc. Deplatforming and taking away people's means of supporting themselves will not have much effect.  I know it's fun to punish people from other tribes, but it's just meanness on your part. 

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Korora said...

And of course, there's the question of who sets the parameters of what is and is not misinformation.