Tuesday, December 21, 2021

Love Languages

Quote passed along to me: "In Massachusetts we don't say 'I love you,' we say 'I'm stopping at Dunkins. Ya want anything?' and I think that's really beautiful."

Almost as true in NH, less so in Maine. Not so much in VT.  I don't know much about how it is in RI, but I'll bet it's strong there. It's humorous, but there actually is some clear insight into culture in that one.


Doug said...

Burnt tasting coffee loaded with cream and sugar? I would hate to see what they would bring you if they didn’t love you.
Growing up with Dunkins, I didn’t realize how weird it was to request your coffee black. I’m thankful there are now an abundance of good coffeehouses around (at least in the areas that I have lived). The growth of local roasters has also been very nice.

james said...

Ah. I thought this was reference to Dunkin Donuts.
Love should have some expression

Assistant Village Idiot said...

It is DD's being referenced. Doug is my nephew who grew up on the Irish Riviera (South Shore of Mass) and now lives outside New England. I mentioned to my son from Houston that Dunkins repeatedly finishes second in taste tests versus Cumbies, McDonald's, and even Walmart, but he shook his head. "It doesn't matter. Houston is swarmed with hipster coffee shops. Dunkin's the taste of home." So that is the flip side to his cousin's statement.

As a person who thinks store brand instant coffee is just fine, I don't feel I am entitled to an opinion.

Narr said...

DD coffee is awful. But I like cheap convenience store brew more than most name brands even at the same price, which it never is.

Hot, black, and unsullied by cane or cow . . .