Tuesday, December 07, 2021

Daughter Long-Shot

There was an outside chance of a final child coming to us, a 16 y/o girl who is a distant relative.  Her sisters (separate household) were a similar long possibility a half-dozen years ago. This one would have been more complicated, because we would have to ask for special permission for her to live in this 55+ community. But things have reportedly calmed down in California, and she is not coming.  Her oldest sister, who is 30 and has been caring for her (father invisible, mother died three years ago) thinks that the fear of being sent to New Hampshire was part of her shutting up and straightening out. We had made the offer as a kindness, but whatever works, I guess.  I can see why going to live in an old people's community in a frozen place with relatives who come well recommended but you don't know might not look like much of a deal for a SoCal girl.

I said "final child." That was an assumption.  We thought our third and fourth were final children, but God had other plans. I admit I would try hard not to take that call if God were paging us again.


Grim said...

Sarah laughed.

Assistant Village Idiot said...

That story haunts us, yes.

Boxty said...

My SoCal niece is in her early 20s and moved to New Hampshire to be closer to her in-laws. She seems to love it so you never know. This will be her second winter there.