Monday, June 14, 2021

Coffee Beans

 Tweet by Grant Hatley

"But if the coffee beans are ground and artificially flavored, how can they be made delicious again? They are no longer good for anything, except to be thrown out and trampled underfoot." Matthew 5:13, a modern loose translation.


Douglas2 said...

I thought of Matthew 5:13 with regard to a previous comment here on a culture regularly burning their houses.

As an undergrad I was assigned to write papers on what can be gleaned from archeology of a Jordanian bronze-age site about their religious practices. My recollection is that in bronze-age villages in the near-east, it was quite common for the roads to raise in height over years because of all the ash, rubbish, and spoiled salt that was thrown out onto them. Eventually people would tire of rain runoff being hard to keep out of their floors, so they would do something to make their houses higher -- hence town sites always ending up as 'tells'.
So it strikes me that burning the house (making a good solid bed of pestless ash to raise the base level for the next one) could be just part of the periodic raising of the floor level to keep rain runoff out.


Sam L. said...

I don't know BEANS about COFFEE. Don't eat it, don't drink it.

Donna B. said...

@Sam L.
Back in the day when I could drive for 12-15 hours straight without a 2 week recovery period, I ate chocolate covered coffee beans for the caffeine without the liquid. My car could go 500 miles without refueling which was great, but if I drank coffee or anything else, my bladder couldn't go anywhere near that far. These trips were across W Texas, New Mexico, and Arizona. The other trips I made back then were across Louisiana, Mississippi, Georgia, S Carolina. Not a problem there, as it is unusual to travel more than 50 miles between towns and/or large chain truck stops.

Coffee is definitely an acquired taste. I drink it black, thus cannot stand Starbucks. I will once or twice a year get a caramel macchiato at Dunkin Donuts or some other coffee shop for dessert. Sweets are not my problem.

james said...

The question assumes facts not in evidence: namely that coffee beans are delicious.