Thursday, June 17, 2021

Bad Attitudes

I recognised that I have a bad attitude about people who have bad attitudes.  There is the standing irony of people who are intolerant of those whom they perceive to be intolerant - not that they acknowledge that.  But I unfortunately may understand them better than I would like.  

The subject came up because of a church meeting in which where we are headed in terms of worship was being discussed, now that our worship pastor is leaving. Those of you who have been through such discussions know how difficult they can get. I have opinions what is behind some of the attitudes, which I will leave out. Suffice it to say that there are unattractive motives masquerading as spiritual ones. This is hardly surprising. People go looking to the church to justify any number of terrible things they badly want to do. 

Bad attitudes are accompanied by bad reasoning. I find both distressing even among friends and family - or especially among friends and family.


Narr said...

I have nothing to say about BAs in a church context, but I am an expert on BAs in general.

My current bad attitude is because the Horse, Wheel, Language book I ordered on your recommendation weeks ago has been lost in the maw of the USPS!

(That, and the Prof won't use all my genius comments.)

Cousin Eddie

Assistant Village Idiot said...

Sorry about the book. We sent $2000 worth of jewelry to my son a few months ago that just sat in Boston without moving, for some reason. Frustrating every day.

Remember that David Anthony is an archaeologist, so he's going to talk about pottery a lot to prove his case about who moved where. I'm sure that's necessary for firming up his case to other archaeologists, but it doesn't make for gripping reading. I'm fully willing to take his word on these things.

Narr said...

Thanks, I have two and a half graduate degrees--dry reading no problem, if the subject interests me.

The tracking system for the package is superb--delivery not so much.

Cousin Eddie