Saturday, September 12, 2020


I drafted this guy in my dynasty league as a backup, even though he may not last three weeks.  I'm going to miss this guy.

Most fans know he has not spent a dime of his salary, living entirely off his endorsements thus far.  Most people don't know he is a lightning calculator - can give you the product of two 3-digit numbers inside of four seconds - and needs only one physical repetition on a new play to lock it in.  His Dumb Guy act is a ruse.  However, in judging intelligence versus wisdom, I don't know that coming back for another season after all his injuries was a good idea.  I wish him well.

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RichardJohnson said...

He was a monster. Like Lope de Vega, the very prolific Spanish playwright, described as "a monster of nature." What hands- the video had some incredible catches. After Bill tried to trade him to Detroit, he owed no loyalty to the Patriots. Time will tell about injuries. He certainly has had enough- 2018 included.

I recently read The Dynasty. From the conversations reproduced from the 2000 draft, it appears that Belichick was quite aware of Tom Brady. Belichick kept asking,"Is Brady still on the board?" Even though with 3 QBs, the Pats didn't need another one, Bill finally decided that Tom Brady was too good a value to pass up.