Thursday, December 27, 2018

Uncertain Spiritual Lesson

I had a challenging - that is, rude, mind-reading of how evil conservatives are, accusing - comment on an answer I gave in Quora on IQ research. My blood boiled, but I have recently been hit repeatedly with evidence that my responses to such things, while not terrible, and certainly not as bad as I have written previously, are not really kind, or helpful, or even 100% true.  More like "everything is technically true but I left out some bits that would undermine my point" true. So I decided with white knuckles not to answer last night, expecting joy to come in the morning, as the psalmist says.

Irritation came in the morning, but this is a week I am working, so I did not have time to respond.  I held the insult at arm's length today, drawing deep breaths, stepping back farther, and then farther, and then farther again to wonder what Jesus would have me say. Because "blessed are you when men shall reproach you, and persecute you, and say all manner of evil against you falsely for My sake." Even though this wasn't about Jesus, but about "what I think is true" which is like third cousin to Jesus. Still, it was a tough day, but joy came after lunch - I am spiritually slow - and I had an answer to my accuser that I thought would not be an embarrassment to read off the page, even at the gates of heaven. I could be both honest and kind, teaching without haranguing, acknowledging good in my accuser. Repeated very deep breaths throughout the day.

So I came home, prepared to write my response, but Quora had deleted the entire conversation as not up to its standards of respectful discourse.  No, no, Quora!  This time I could have brought it back!  I could have brought this discussion into the realm of decent discourse!  Not like last time when I made things worse! 

 It is not to be. We move on.


lelia said...

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

james said...

I remember commenting on one site, having my comment misunderstood and attacked, and spending some time to craft a concise and polite and punchy reply. I looked at the clock, realized I had spend mumble hours at it, and decided I couldn't afford to spend that kind of time. I visited the site again briefly 6 years later. It was a good place, but the temptation to weigh in was too great.