Saturday, December 01, 2018

Justice, and Other Words

Justice is a perfectly good word all by itself. Whenever people try to include a modifier - social justice, economic justice, historical justice, racial justice - I now conclude that they no longer care about actual justice, but want to retain the power of the word in order to quiet the criticism of others.  Or perhaps to quiet their own criticism of themselves.

Sure, Binky, it's justice, really it is.  You can tell because it's got the word "justice" right there.

 Similarly, anything that includes "truth" in its title should be red-flagged. Truthout comes to mind, and Joe Wilson's The Politics of Truth, though Ted Cruz has also been an offender there.

When someone says "in other words" about the statements of another, check very closely.  While it can be legitimate, as the rewording might indeed make more clear something the original speaker was trying to sweeten or disguise, it is more often am exaggeration. It can even be an outright lie.  The same can be said for basically and essentially, as in "...basically believe that gay people have no right to exist," or "...essentially denies the entirety of the Gospel."


Sam L. said...

People lie to us. Sometimes baldly, sometimes hairily, sometimes there's a piece or asmidgen of truth in what they say.

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