Wednesday, July 04, 2018

Senate Intelligence Committee

It is preliminary, and there are reasonable questions about what the practical effect was, but perhaps I am about to be proved wrong.

Of course proving what Putin was trying to do doesn't tell us what Trump's response was.


Christopher B said...

I believe there are also reasonable questions about how Russian actions are characterized in the report. Saying attacks on Hillary were about helping elect Trump without providing evidence that Putin et al were actually in favor of Trump being president is dishonest, and you can't back into it by pointing to things Trump said or did.

Sam L. said...

Especially after the Uranium One deal. Yeah, Putin ought to like Hillary more. MUCH more.

GraniteDad said...

You can definitely see why Putin might enjoy having Hillary lose, or it be a close race and she be embarrassed and not have much of a mandate, or preferring Trump because he is so easily flattered. But it doesn’t definitely prove that Trump was involved. That’s the logical jump that I see people make, and it weakens everything else they say.