Friday, July 27, 2018

Clog Dancing

Ah, but we had more fun in those days! Ah were but a lass then, yet still ah remember the sailors and the gypsies dancin' in the street of an evenin'. You canna find that neow, can ye?

No, ye can't auntie.  It musta beeen high times then. Is that a cat in the background, or a rat?

The Flynn Effect is believed to be a product of adequate nutrition year 'round, added to faster paced culture requiring greater processing speed.


james said...

With most of the improvement coming from the lower end, that seems plausible. Nutrition, lead abatement, and more kids knowing what a test is like.

The decrease at the high end, if it survives further studies, is interesting. If there's a "use it or lose it" factor, maybe the high end has more opportunities to slack off and lose the sharp edge.

RichardJohnson said...

I rather liked the video. The footwork was impressive. An elder has something to teach the younger. The elder enjoys teaching the younger, and the younger enjoy learning and showing off what they had learned. The learning is made easier by the younger never being restless. As they are in constant motion, they can never become restless.