Monday, September 11, 2017

Have You Forgotten?

Legal Insurrection reminds us of the 2013 racial hoaxes at Oberlin College, and notes that they may be having enrollment problems in 2017 - though I think it is too early to tell.


Unknown said...

Everyone is having enrollment problems. The problem is mostly demographic.

dmoelling said...

The leftist actions are just the icing on the cake. The bigger problem is that the college bubble really appears to have burst. The recession has shown that the high cost of tuition/fees/etc has broken the back of most families. Even low cost options like 2 year colleges are hurting. That said, very lefty liberal arts colleges are at the most risk. The chaos of the demonstrators shows that the administration is not in charge. This raises fears that there is no governance in any area of the college in students and parents.

Such is the legacy of the 1960s finally come home to roost. When I was an engineering student in the 1970s we had to take a course in "Science, Technology and Values" as of course technical types were deficient in their understanding of life. Our instructor, a very pleasant and courteous leftist, was expounding on how great you could live if you just went back to working on a small farm in Vermont. One of the students whos family were actually farmers in Vermont, politely read him the riot act and truth. This episode was typical of how repeated exposure to leftist in school convinced many that no one was in charge.

Assistant Village Idiot said...

We have a similar incident of a Romanian girl who came to St Anselm College here in Goffstown, to be told that yes, there were bad things about Ceausescu and communists, but they had had wonderful support for the arts, better than in profit-driven America. She let him have it, that the performing arts were reserved for the children of party members, not the most talented.

I should note that St A's is not regarded as a particularly liberal school, BTW, which illustrates how deep the rot goes.

Sam L. said...

People who have lived under Communism, and know what it was and is, are "suffering from false consciousness".