Saturday, September 23, 2017

Had Enough Therapy?

I don't often link to Stuart Schneiderman's blog Had Enough Therapy? Bird Dog has linked to him a couple of times recently, so I figured I should remind you I am also a fan.  Reading the comments, I know that a few of you go there already. The blog is about 50% skewering of the pop psychology and bad advice that so many of us consume.  The other 50% is varied, but usually comments on aspects of modern culture that people haven't quite thought through.

Schneiderman's history is interesting.  I met him on the Manhattan Urban Hike organised by Maggie's Farm over a year ago and we walked together a fair way.  He was trained as a psychoanalyst, but has moved over time to a type of therapy that is much more like life coaching.  It sounds like a jovial but confrontive approach, which seems about right to me.


Sam L. said...

I read him daily. Unfortunately, so does Ares Olympus.

Assistant Village Idiot said...