Friday, August 04, 2017


Lots of folks who voted for Trump weren't looking for him to build things so much as tear them down.  They believe the times call for a Samson.

Interestingly, I hear liberals where I work express similar sentiments because of Trump. This comes in especially with believing that the ordinary rules of journalism, checks and balances, and government employees staying within traditional ethical bounds must now be relaxed - or even ignored.  A couple of more radical ones mutter that they fear a revolution is coming, because "people won't stand for it."  I sometimes ask with a wry smile what "it" is. I know the answer beneath the answer, I think.  In both cases it is the idea that "my tribe does not have the power it deserves."

In an email discussion someone we know has seen something similar about both Trumpsters and anti-Trumpsters.  Not all of them, nor I think a majority of either.  Yet more than I recall hearing in previous years. 


Sam L. said...

Liberals weaponized the media and the Presidency, and are only beginning to see their mistake. We coulda told them that could happen, but they KNEW that Hillary would win.

Texan99 said...

The WSJ ran an article the other day about a 2D map of conservativism and liberalism on social and economic issues. Three quadrants were well represented; Ds in the lower left, liberal on both, and Republicans heavily conservative on social issues but almost evenly split on economics, occupying the upper left and right. (It was a voting bloc that served Trump well.) I live in the lower right (libertarian), joined by about 5 other voters in the whole country. My tribe definitely doesn't have the power and influence it deserves! Stands to reason everything would improve if I were made dictator.