Thursday, August 31, 2017


I have been busy with many things, including worrying about Ben, who lives north of Houston.  He was trapped in the house, but took no damage.  Today, however, he is out filming relief efforts, including a heartbreaking story of a woman who had four family members drown while she was out in the flood trying to help others. She will be asking for help, and his church is taking that on, apparently.  His film is part of trying to make that happen.  I think it may be mostly for his own congregation, though it may get wider play because of the need.

I actually worked all five days last week - unusual for me now - and have a lot to do around the house as well.  Preparing for two football drafts have taken up time and energy as well, especially as the league rules are sharply different. The post prior to this was sitting in draft for two days - one sentence written - after being planned a week ago.  I have another post, a book review, churning in my head, but I can't write it until well after it arrives as a birthday present. And there is another person in between my finishing the book and my mailing it off.  It goes that way with the Wymans.  If you receive a book for Christmas, it is likely that at least the giver, as well as 1-2 others, have read it before it got wrapped.

I have stopped following the news, and as CS Lewis noted, you don't miss anything, because so many people will make sure you hear it anyway.


RichardJohnson said...

I have stopped following the news, and as CS Lewis noted, you don't miss anything, because so many people will make sure you hear it anyway.

Many of news themes of the last year- such as Trump a Nazi, or Trump a Russian stooge- have been proven to be fake news. Staying out of the news cycle means one doesn't have to waste time on disproving fake news.

Murph said...

Some of the news is so over-the-top that you look in vain for the "Onion" label. ...and then you laugh because...can they really be this stupid? as they say, I believe, on the 'net: for realz?

Sam L. said...

SPLC is a hate group running a scam that needs to be taken down, as I see it.

Texan99 said...

In Rockport here, we took the eye directly. Lots of wind, but not much rain, just a storm surge of 7 feet and 12 inches of rain, which isn't enough to flood our area. The wind was pretty amazing, though.

We almost complete escaped death or injury, until a young electrical worker was killed not too far from here, which we have found very hard to take. They have been trying so hard to get power back on for us. Was he over-tired? Taking too many risks? He probably came across the country to help us, leaving his family and sleeping somewhere wretched when he got to sleep at all.

With power and TV and cellphones out for the first 3-4 days, we had no news at all. Eerie. Now the news is back and we can't take our eyes off of Irma. 185 mph sustained is no joke. We had, I think, 109 sustained here, with gusts to perhaps 130, I'm not sure. That's enough. In a good building with luck you'll be fine. 185 will simply kill you.