Sunday, October 30, 2016

New Fallacy

If you go to the Graph Paper Diaries post about Forrest Gump in the sidebar, you get a chance to reflect and comment on your own political development/changes.  Good times.


james said...

Some people don't notice their sampling bias until they get their noses rubbed in it, if they even notice then. Madison was a hotbed of "Recall Walker" (the bumper sticker still survive) and the mood was jubilant until the returns came in, as Walker survived the recall by a larger fraction than his original election win. It didn't seem to inhibit continuing claims that "we represent the people of Wisconsin."

Sam L. said...

We have an insufficient data set to work with. I KNOW that mine is, although gathered in a number of different places during my life. I suspect that is generally true, but have no proof.

lelia said...

The article should encourage some humility in us.