Monday, October 17, 2016

Hard Rain

James links to David Warren's Hard Rain Chronicles. It puts me in mind of the Benedict Options, which Rod Dreher is a fan of.

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james said...

The "BenOp" (who coined that?) is a kind of thing I've been wondering about ever since our previous church decided to go "seeker friendly." (If I wanted to learn Buddhism I'd go someplace where they knew what it was and did it, never mind how nice the coffee shop was and whether it had WiFi.) When I realized how much the youth _didn't_ know after going through several years of youth group, I decided to put some material together to rectify the situation. In the process I learned how much _I_ didn't know--or at least an inkling of how much. I've had to revise some beliefs along the way.

And, as the link points out, stability is a big deal. (most dramatically in the effects of blenderized families, but also in the church) And that has economic implications that I haven't puzzled through yet.