Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Rule of Thumb

When your current-event justice argument is basically founded on long-past injustices, it means your current argument isn't very strong.


Sam L. said...

NEVER forget; NEVER forgive. Old injustice is as real as new injustice. I'm sure that some of my most distant ancestors were enslaved or treated badly by someone and those someone's descendants OWE ME FOR IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111111!@!@!!!!111111!!!!!!!!111!

($5million would alleviate my pain and anger.)

Donna B. said...

I want $10million

Sam L. said...

Yeah, we're both pikers.

DCE said...

I just love the idea that someone will try to hold me accountable for actions that my long dead ancestors had nothing to do with. My heritage is Finnish and Swedish and as far as I know none of my ancestors owned slaves and particularly African slaves. As it is my mother's people didn't get to the US until 1930. I think slavery was dead in the US for 65 years by then.

So I am accountable for past injustices how? No one has adequately explained that to me yet...and I doubt they ever will.