Tuesday, September 06, 2016

Fun From Grim's site.

Glenn Greenwald, of all people, notices the obvious, despite the number of others who haven't.
"... the remarkable courage required to publicly defend someone as marginalized and besieged as the former first lady, two-term New York senator, secretary of state, and current establishment-backed multimillionaire presidential front-runner. Krugman — in a tweet proclamation that has now been re-tweeted more than 10,000 times — heralded himself this way: “I was reluctant to write today’s column because I knew journos would hate it. But it felt like a moral duty.”
As my colleague Zaid Jilani remarked “I can imagine Paul Krugman standing in front of the mirror saying, ‘This is *your Tahrir Square* big guy.’” Nate Silver, early yesterday morning, even suggested that Krugman’s Clinton-defending column was so edgy and threatening that the New York Times — which published the column — was effectively suppressing Krugman’s brave stance by refusing to promote it on Twitter (the NYT tweeted Krugman’s column a few hours later, early in the afternoon). Thankfully, it appears that Krugman — at least thus far — has suffered no governmental recriminations or legal threats, nor any career penalties, for his intrepid, highly risky defense of Hillary Clinton."

Gotta love it.  It's something like the Tim Tebow Effect, where Hillary's supporters really do perceive her as a beleaguered, unfairly picked-on person, who has only persevered by her remarkable strength of character.


Christopher B said...

I have a small amount of sympathy because it seems to me Hillary has been afflicted with what are mostly unforced errors going back to the 1990s health care revamp debacle. Not a comfortable thing for supporters of The Most Qualified Presidential Candidate (who happens to be a Woman, if you hadn't noticed) Evah to admit.

Sam L. said...

Paullie "The Beard" Krugman usually, over time, writes the opposite of hie current recommendations/thoughts. This time, maybe not.

Chris, I see the word as "inflicted", not "afflicted", having done it to herself. With malice aforethought, directed at us, not herself.