Friday, May 06, 2016

Target Boycott

Russell E. Salzman over at First Things has and explanation why he won't boycott Target that makes sense to me.


Trimegistus said...

It's the logic of a man who says "Why should I shoot those enemy soldiers? It's their leaders who are to blame, not them."

True, but you're still going to get killed.

Why isn't Salzman calling on ALL boycotters to stop? Why didn't he write this when college bigots started the "Boycott-Divest-Sanction" campaign against Israel? He reminds me of the Soviet-funded "pacifists" who opposed the US entry into World War II as long as Stalin and Hitler were allies.

Assistant Village Idiot said...

Fair points. I don't know what he has said about divestment boycotts, however.

jaed said...

There's what is perhaps a side point, which is that there doesn't have to be a formal boycott for this policy to hurt Target. Enough people who are uncomfortable going there or sending their kids into the restrooms will mean Target gets less business.

It may make transgender people who don't look like their chosen sex feel more welcome, but the side effect of also making peeping toms and rapists feel more welcome can be expected to have a negative effect, even if no one's organizing it.

(This is aside from any perception that Target rushed to stick it to those icky not-up-to-the-minute sorts, if one counts oneself among them - I mean apart from any political statement it seems to be making, a lot of women just Don't Want to Take Their Pants Down in a room with men who are strangers to them.)

Assistant Village Idiot said...

The dangers people list are real, but I don't know what to do with them. Someone will be uncomfortable with the wrong people being in the wrong bathroom, whether it's a trans person (an emotionally sensitive groups for good reasons and bad) who has to slink into discomfort or the statistically normal person who is uncomfortable with the slinking person. Someone has pain.

It's the more frequent complaint that predators of any number of proclivities might use this as cover that is more important. Of course most trans people just want to pee in peace. Half of them want to draw attention to themselves specifically for the purpose of making others uncomfortable, but half of them don't. They're fine with just going in, going out, no noise. the other half are irritating, but that lesson can be taught quietly to children. But it's the opportunistic predators who watch carefully where women/children are undefended that are the concern. I have worked with enough of them to know that they will invest enormous energy in exploiting small advantages, and are experts at not being traced.

Because this population exists, and everyone knows it exists, causes me to worry that the bathroom-obsessed people don't actually much care about the victims, compared to the vindication of their feelings.

james said...

Does an anorexic have pain when looking in the bathroom mirror?

I originally meant the question sarcastically, but on reflection I wonder if they do.

Assistant Village Idiot said...

Yes, they do. Or at least, most of them have a body dysphoria that defies reason. They feel terrible, and it's hard for them to get much compassion, as the majority of people have a reverse mentality.

Gender dysphoria, body dysphoria, autogynephilia, and depression or anxiety are not actually easy to separate out clinically, as episodes can look different from year to year. It's only easy to identify politically, when it suits a need.