Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Wyman Christmas Letter 2015 - Part III

 “Oh! And oh yes, I had surgery twice this year.”

Tracy was trying to summarize for a friend why the year was hectic, even though there is only Kyle still at home, who largely takes care of himself.  She listed still working full time...filling a couple of major slots at church... clearing up the last of her father’s estate (almost done)...and all the usual life-upkeep tasks...Her brow furrowed, wondering why it felt so hectic when she was “only” doing that regular amount.  Then she remembered the surgeries: emergency appendectomy, and a planned foot surgery that she is still getting past months later.  Those ate into her schedule a bit.

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Texan99 said...

I'm guessing the appendectomy was surprisingly easy to get over compared to the foot surgery! You have to live with someone who's had surgery that keeps you from walking, I guess, to understand what a hole it knocks in your life. I've never had to do it. Of course it seems like ages before the simplest task of getting around isn't a big major ordeal. I sure hope she's feeling much better now.