Wednesday, December 02, 2015

Global Lukewarming

Grim's Hall links to Matt Ridley's article at Scientific American Climate Change Will Not Be Dangerous For a Long Time. I admit that Scientific American is a lot more like Discover these days, but still, it's a little something.

Well. I'm feeling vindicated.  I've been saying it's real but no big deal for a decade now.


Christopher B said...

I've always been slightly more skeptical - any warming that could accurately be attributed to human activity would be likely be swamped by natural climate variability.

The climate models that forecast catastrophic warming nearly always included an implicit endless positive feedback loop once a certain critical point was reach (sort of resembling a hockey stick. Fancy that!) that was unlikely to occur.

Donna B. said...

However, many of the supposed 'cures' for human-caused climate change are guaranteed to be dangerous in a very short time.

Sam L. said...

Donna, that's why those 'cures' are popular with the "elites" and politicians.