Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Don Featherstone

I haven't posted on flamingoes for a long time, having switched to the occasional meerkat instead.  But a giant of American culture has died.  Remember, flamingoes are pink from eating pink shrimp not because they absorb the color, but because eating shrimp makes them healthy, which keeps them pink.


james said...

Pail and Shovel Party. BTW, the book described at the page is great fun.

IIRC about the same time at SIU a similar group called "Tea Party Now" won election to the student government on the campaign promise to bring the Grateful Dead to Carbondale. They failed. (SIU tried to rival Madison's reputation for Halloween street parties too.)

Texan99 said...

In my old neighborhood, the anti-HOA contingent used to put pink flamingoes in their yards as a protest.

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