Tuesday, April 07, 2015

Radical (Blank) Of The Gospel

I find whenever some Christian tries to sell me an idea as an example of the Radical Grace, or Radical Generosity, or Radical Forgiveness, or Radical Anything of the Gospel, it turns out to be an idea that I think is not especially Christian at all.

It is certainly true that the Gospel is radical.  One would think, therefore, that radical this and radical that would pop up in relation to Christian ideas all the time. Theoretically, that should be true.  I find in practice it is not.  Radical has become not only a covering word, it has become a bullying word. My opinion is really Christian.  You just can't hear it because you are fainthearted and lukewarm and don't have the courage to.

Update:  Maybe "missional" should go in there too. 


james said...

I've never heard anyone speak of the "radical chic of the gospel."

Texan99 said...

Oh, give it a while.