Saturday, April 18, 2015

Small Group Guides

I have a longstanding dislike for small group guides for Bible studies or Christian books. They seem to leap from the overspecific What does Paul tell the Colossians God has rescued them from ? (v.13) to the overgeneral How do you think you can apply the lessons in this chapter to your life this week? in repetitive fashion.

When I saw the study guides at the bottom of a CS Lewis page, I wondered - hoped, really - that they would be better.  They are.  At least, they look much better.  I haven't tried them.

Life is good.

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james said...

We tried going through the Screwtape Letters at one study. It didn't work very well, perhaps because Lewis said it better and there wasn't much room for the typical exposition or illustration discussion. The discussion seemed always to be between Lewis and the individual reader. (Although a couple of people needed a little explanation of a point or two.)