Saturday, August 09, 2014

The Wounded Healer

Retriever is having another go at writing, and this is one riffing on Nouwen's The Wounded Healer that you can first read through quickly, then come back and follow the links the next day, with enjoyment both times.

I was tempted to not encourage her - and she left the door open for that - because it seems to end in frustration for her whenever she resumes blogging. (It's a long story, which you will have to learn from her, not me.) But the piece is good, so I'm sending it on.  I don't know whether to root for her or not.

Apologies for not following up on some threads I have left hanging here, but I haven't forgotten and will get to them.  I should have time next week.

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Retriever said...

Thanks, AVI. A work in progress, greatly helped by the encouragement, criticism and advice of blog friends.