Thursday, August 14, 2014


In retrospect, the cutoff for Little League at 12 years old is the worst possible. 10% of boys have hit the first steps of puberty and can dominate the others come playoff time, even if they are only moderately talented. It discourages the smaller ones who may be more talented, and creates unrealistic expectations for the stars.

I suppose it is good for teaching the lesson that life isn't fair.

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Galen said...

It's actually a little worse. Eight years ago, Little League moved the age cut-off back, enabling some kids who turned 13 during late spring to be eligible. The 13 year olds and early bloomers really dominated the other 11-12 year old kids.

Speaking as a former little league coach, one of my sneaky draft tactics was to use the later rounds to pick a 12-13 year old with a hint of a mustache, often with minimal skills, because I knew that by the end of the spring, the winds would be blowing and the testosterone flowing and the balls would be leaving the yard.