Friday, July 11, 2014


It has been over a year since my son Ben posted on his ten-four films blog, but he has started putting up posts on his trip to Rwanda.

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lelia said...

Thanks for letting me know about this. Come And See Africa is building a student center/Bible school/business space/hotel/restaurant just outside the south gate of the University of Rwanda in Butare.
Your son made an egregious mistake in his post that may have fatigue as its genesis. Kinyarwanda is not a French-based language. There is some overlap with Swahili. French is one of the official languages, but the country is trying to distance itself from nasty France and has joined the British Commonwealth. Everyone is trying to learn English. I am trying to build elementary school libraries over there. Sadly, it is difficult to find books written in Kinyarwanda, and so I send mostly non-fiction books in English.