Sunday, July 20, 2014

Parody/Parody Non

I was undecided at first whether this was parody or serious.  Halfway through I decided it was a parody, and a rather tasteless over-the-top one, unfairly deriding Netroots attenders in a cartoonish fashion.

By the end, I concluded it was serious.


Sam L. said...

I'm going for serious, considering how many lies they put in.

Donna B. said...

Yep, I think it's serious. And that's scary.

One thing that stuck out was the "everybody need roads and bridges" for their business to succeed.

I wondered how my father might feel about that, considering how many roads and bridges he built (on both private and government owned land) to do his business thing.

Yes, his final product was transported over public roads and highways, but the production required him to build his own infrastructure.

Some of that infrastructure is now maintained as a public road -- but he built it at his own cost and was not reimbursed other than his use of it to his business.

Why cannot "progressives" wrap their head around the building and maintenance of infrastructure which allows business (and leisure) to be done is "providing for the general welfare"?

And I HATE those straw hats no matter whose name is pasted to them.

I will slink away back to my cave now...

Texan99 said...

But it's begging for a parody of itself. Weird Al Yankovitch is on a roll lately; maybe he'll take up the challenge.

james said...

Real. Incompetent lyrics for the verses, but a lively slogan chorus--they spent some effort on the chorus to get the right sound. Paying more attention to the slogan than the meaning? Real.

Anonymous said...

They're not scary. Unless you are scared by mobs of hyenas.

And you should have seen the Global Warming one. "No Pressure"