Wednesday, August 31, 2011


Maya Angelou agrees with me about the MLK Statue.

Maybe she is smarter than I thought. I resolve to read some of her poetry this very night. She at least speaks her mind, rather than what she thinks people should say.


Dubbahdee said...

I just think the statue is poor because it is:

a) ugly
b) not a good likeness
c) MLK appears to have a bad case of the collywobbles.

Ms. Angelou thinks the quote makes him look silly. Perhaps. It's more significant that the statue is meant to appear heroic but only manages to make him look dyspeptic.

Another case of "what were they thinking?"

Sam L. said...

And I still say I don't recognize him in that statue.

terri said...

When you first posted about the statue and had only the head shot of it, I didn't think it was all that bad. It was only later when I saw the full statue that I had to agree with you. I really believe that the crossed arms stance communicates the arrogance and possible hostility of the statue.

It's not a good stance, and I think it is one of those unconscious body language cues that other people pick up on without realizing the source of their reaction.

Crossed arms don't communicate leadership, they communicate annoyance.

It's a strange pose for a statue meant to inspire people.

On another note...I will good-heartedly tease you about reassessing Maya Angelou's intelligence on the basis that she shared an opinion you already had. A little confirmation bias perhaps?


Assistant Village Idiot said...

Oh, absolutely. You are never more brilliant, terri, than when you agree with me.

Anonymous said...

I think he's stuck in Carbonite, and next to this edifice should be a representation of Han Solo. (No, I don't think it's a good likeness, nor a good pose.)

The Warrior said...

Referencing the MLK statue...I wish to preface my words with a disclaimer, inferring, that this is not just my conclusion, but it is also in complete agreement with the man himself. After all, his speeches, the marches were all done with one distinct if not clear three word association...THE BLACK MAN ! As I look upon the finished representation of this civil rights superstar, ONE INDELIBLE MARK NOT EASILY ERASED quickly comes at me like a police dog at a riotous protest. MARTIN LUTHER KING IS A WHITE MAN! I did not know that. Everything I've read, books that had pictures of him all protrayed the man as a BLACK individual! You can imagine my complete befuddlement once my eyes communicated with my brain, that I had been duped. Or, as my conspiracy theories all started to echo in my head, maybe it was true, maybe he was WHITE & not BLACK ? I shook my head, noooo! This is somebodies sick idea for a joke, but not here of all places, but could it be? hmmm? Now, I'm really confused. Who do you think I can ask to clear up this mess that I've come up with? I mean, do you walk up to a black person and ask the question but fear that I might anger them & then fear for my safety? or do I ask a white person the question & fear that I will be laughed at & ridiculed? Tough choices. You know what, I'll go to the first national debate between President Obama & Mitt Romney, maybe I'll get lucky & ask the republican candidate the question. I can see it now...Mr. Romney, I recently was at the MLK statue to marvel at the workmanship of the artist, but, once in front of Dr. King I was met with confusion & or bewiderment. My question Mr. Romney is this, was the famous civil rights advocator a WHITE MAN as I look at him or a BLACK MAN as learned about in school? Hmmm. Can you imagine the answer you might get. " Are you sure you wern't in Cleveland, and it wasn't Herman Cain you were looking at! Or maybe you thought he was white because of the way the sun was shining, or perhaps you misinterpeted the brochure I had and it wasn't Dr. King, but, really some reasonable facsimle therof! Did that answer your question. Thought so ! peace.