Sunday, April 10, 2011

Best of Autumn 2007

I decided that best of's for a single month was just out of hand. This is three months together.

December 2007 had a great deal about the morality of war, just war, etc. I should probably collect it into one spot. There is quite a bit about on how the way the questions are asked is often dishonest.

Three posts about unpredictability, risk, and moving away from the mechanistic theologies Christians had wandered into. More economic bubbles, not fewer, is part of this.
The Return of Uncertainty
Increasing Instability
Leaving Narrative Behind

Apropos again, with all the budget arguments, I expose a graphic deception. A commenter has a go at refutation, with partial success.

Hating Mission Statements.

We need periodic reminders of the Barmen Declaration

How paranoid groups have a continuity of symbolism, even when their thinking becomes incoherent. And how we all sorta do that, too.

We learned about the war from The Barbers of Iraq. Really. And that is scary.

Either the Democrats snookered CNN, or CNN snookered the rest of us, but a reminder of how elections are run.

NPR, still getting the Clinton impeachment wrong. And they still will. The myth is firmly embedded in the American political consciousness now. Maybe in the next generation.

You didn't know the NYTimes preferred romance novels, did you? Of a sort, or a sort.

I had forgotten how vehemently I wanted a president with no charisma. It's good to remember that again.

Hobbits In Kentucky

Garrison Keillor Gets It Wrong, and pretty consistently in the same direction.

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