Tuesday, July 07, 2009

The Health of America

No Oil For Pacifists has an ongoing series about health care. It's up to Part 12 at this point. I've been waiting for it to wrap up so I can link to it, but I think it's just going to go on in commentary as events unfold. Twelve parts, you know you are in for a long haul and lots of reading, but this is information you won't get easily collected in one place anywhere else. Carl does lots of homework on his posts, and you can get an amazingly well-informed opinion, at least from one POV,* for relatively little effort. You will want to read up on this eventually, to consider angles you might have missed and arguments you may have overlooked. why not now?

* That would be, uh, the correct point of view, by the way.

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@nooil4pacifists said...

Thanks for the link and the love. I'm building up to a post on healthcare rationing. But it's not finished--in part because I favor rationing when patients do it, i.e., rationing by price, but also support a safety net. Apart from economist Arnold Kling, this middle ground is largely empty, and so I'm absorbed with the details of avoiding the fatal flaws of Medicare.