Monday, July 20, 2009

Best of December 2005

As I approach 2000 posts and a four-year anniversary, I will continue to bring forward highlights from the AVI past.

Using Humor To Tell Your Friends You're Conservative.
Multicultural Tips For Human-Services Workers
Something New in the Abortion Debate
Three From the UK: A Christmas Story, Eat, Drink, and Be Merry, and History Becomes Lost (but is found again by The Beatles)
The Ten Worst Americans (my list would be slightly changed now)
For deep genealogists: Pedigree Collapse
The Social Virtues of Capitalism
Montessori Trickery
Toxins as a Replacement For The Sin Concept
Humor Writers and political affiliation
Giving and Receiving
False Humanitarianism
Laddism (note: this word has taken on a different meaning in the last four years)
Psychiatric Bigotry
Pathological Names

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Retriever said...

These are great AVI! I loved the thing on Toxins especially...But they are all good. Linked this am to the thing on developmental politics (gnashing my teeth daily at an ever more obnoxious middle child). How you write such cool stuff AND work hard AND devote yourself to family, is amazing. As for me, I mostly blog about the personal, and fluff. Too brain dead lately to do much else (the kid raging out of control lately has turned my thought processes to mush)