Saturday, August 23, 2008

The Voice Of Saruman

As the McDonald's bag says, "I'm lovin' it." Joe Biden gets the Democratic VP nomination. Others will tell you better than I about the horse race aspect of this. Let me tell you about Joe Biden. I posted on him two years ago, in an entry called The Voice Of Saruman, and I like my words just as well today.
I believe Joe Biden when I am listening to him. There is something about him that carries such a weight of sincerity that the power of his voice pulls me in. He has the trick of sincerity.
From start to finish, this is not an honest man.

Joe "I think I have a much higher IQ than you" Biden. Senator Biden does not have a higher IQ than the average of this blog's attendees. Okay, that would be true about anyone, but that's why no one should say such dumb-ass stuff. You never know when a faster gun is present.

Ooh. ooh. The Biden quote from 1988 is available on YouTube. Note the smile at the end.

Update: Steve Sailer quotes from Mickey Kaus's Slate article on the above video. Apparently all the rest of Sen. Biden's comments we hear are uh, untrue.


bs king said...

I'm just curious what exactly he meant by "bottom two thirds of my class". That's the least descriptive self deprecation I've ever heard.

Ben Wyman said...

There really always is a faster gun around. While chatting with someone at work a few months back I trotted out my SAT scores in a very Biden-fashion as an example of... how well I take tests, I think. I was clearly looking for a little ego-stroking, but it turned out that the person to whom I was talking had actually scored a 1580 on the SATs. Took the legs right out from under me, which is probably the healthiest thing he could have done for my character in that moment.

Sam said...

I love it how it appears that he has rehearsed reciting his credentials in the mirror waiting for this question to appear.

I remember watching the Democratic Debates, he always seemed pretty "electable" sitting next to Kucinich.