Saturday, August 23, 2008


I think the following words should be banned from church conferences:

An impious thought: I wonder if any of the words of scripture were buzzwords when they were first written down, seeming dated soon after? Edification? That is soooo First Century.


Anonymous said...

And I was just intending to sign up for an upcoming conference on "Missional Constructs for Transformational Catalytic Structures in the Church Today.” Do you think I should pass?

Ben Wyman said...

The word that should truly be banned is, of course, "relevant."

Ben Wyman said...

Also, no church leader should be allowed to ask for a video by calling it "MTV-ish" or using the phrase "edgy but accessible."

I had a pastor come in the other day and give me this spiel: "I want it to be really cool and MTV-ish, with crazy cuts and out of focus shots, really out there, but also be something that a 75-year old would look at and say 'I want to be a part of that.'"

Well, at least one of those things isn't going to happen.

Assistant Village Idiot said...

Maybe you could do a crazy cut to a 75-year-old guy saying "Hey, I really want to be part of that!" Maybe this pastor would dress up for the part for you...

Erin said...

Add enough flashy lights and the 75 year old will be having epileptic seizures and then it'll kinda be like he's a part of it. I know of at least one youth group that has named the group "relevant". Wasn't that one of the contenders for the now "Centerpoint"? I'm sorry Dad, but FBC is still Baptist to the core, no matter what flashy hip name they use.